Dr Carlos Xavier rebrands his private cosmetic surgery

The Aesthetic Laser Centre has been rebranded and is now Natura Skin Clinic. Offering a wide range of non-surgical treatments such as the popular Botox, dermal fillers, lip sculpturing and laser hair removal, Natura is the only clinic locally to provide leg vein removal with guaranteed results.

We are also the only UK clinic offering Multi-Layer Skin Rejuvenation: an exclusive treatment using medical lasers for smooth, refreshed skin.

Dr. Carlos Xavier, set up Natura after identifying a common problem among patients.

“Lots of my patients came to me unhappy with their appearance or with dermatological problems, and complaining of low self-esteem. They were considering plastic surgery but I felt this rather extreme as non-surgical alternatives achieve similar results.”

We pride ourselves on our ability to strike a balance between visible yet natural looking results, with an on-going consultancy for continued skin maintenance. We have created a place where patients feel comfortable having treatments in total medical safety. Patients enter feeling cared for, and leave feeling happier and looking younger.

“ I recommend Natura Skin Clinic to everyone. I feel so confident. The results were amazing and I feel like a glamorous Grandma now! ” Vilma Bretherton


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