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Teosyal Covering Repair For After Rehydration Fillers

Following rehydration filler treatment, it is fairly common for some patients to experience some degree of redness or bruising. This is down to the nature of the treatment which involves administering multiple pin pricks of this finer, thiner rehydration filler.

Teosyal a company which produces the filler have recently launched a range of complementary makeup products for concealing the redness and bruising. Made in Switzerland – this range is also great for sensitive skin. These products are receiving great press and have been nominated for awards for their effectiveness. They all have anti-ageing properties, as the products contain Hyaluronic acid, renowned for its youth enhancing benefits.

Teosyal Covering Repair Concealer

In the range is a 4 shade covering repair concealer, which is a makeup containing hyaluronic acid. It is suitable for covering redness, dark spots, under eye circles and also for post wrinkle injection treatment. The four shades mean that you can get exactly the right colour for your skin tone, as well as covering up any post treatment redness or bruising . It is fairly common for patients to excperience some degree of redness or brusing, which is down to the nature of the treatment. The treatment involves administering multiple pin pricks of the finer, thiner rehydration filler.

This make up will appear to be thinner than others but this is because it does not dry the skin out. Too heavy and it would be quite obvious and noticeably sit on top of the skin. The hydrating nature and smooth application of this product means it sits invisibly on the surface of the skin whilst at the same time providing skin with great coverage.

For larger areas there is a sponge, which you can use to ‘dab’ the product lightly on to the imperfections. Then use a concealer brush to apply the product to smaller areas such as under eye circles and blemishes and blend the product gently into the skin. Make sure your brush is not too hard though. If the bristles aren’t soft enough you could irritate the skin, this is especially important if you have recently had treatment.

The Teosyal Covering Repair Kit is great for honeymoons and holidays as the palette of colours means you can always have the right colour makeup- even with a tan. The unique formula means imperfections are subtly and effectively corrected. Leaving skin looking enhanced, bright and radiant.


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