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Kitchen cupboard remedies

Though celebrities may have hundreds to splash out on expensive fad beauty treatments, the recipe for looking good doesn’t have to cost a fortune. We’ve gathered some top natural beauty tips from celeb-land – all you need to do is raid your kitchen cupboards!

Welsh beauty Catherine Zeta Jones swears by strawberries for their natural teeth whitening properties. She also uses honey as a fantastic way to enhance her skin. By mixing an egg, a dash of olive oil, a spoonful of honey and a few drops of rosewater, you can make a sweet smelling and hydrating face mask. This can help banish winter dry skin, and most importantly, is fantastically easy to make.

There are many treatments and remedies available for spots and acne but they’re often harsh on the skin. Cameron Diaz is said to regularly use powdered milk as a gentle exfoliant for her spot prone complexion. Using two teaspoons of powdered milk, gently rub on a damp face and neck for a smoothing effect. This leaves your skin supple and cleansed without drying it out.

Jennifer Love Hewitt uses a dab of white toothpaste applied to spots after cleansing to shrink and reduce redness. Use this with care if you’ve got sensitive skin, but it can help to dry out spots quickly – make sure to moisturise as well. If you need more help with acne, here at Natura we offer some brilliant acne treatments that can give great results.

Though these tips are cheap and easy to try, the best beauty tips really are those that are free. Drinking plenty of water, getting a good night’s sleep and doing plenty of exercise are all essential for maintaining our natural beauty.

If you do need any more help with your skin care, here at Natura we are dedicated to achieving natural looking beauty. We are here to give a helping hand!

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