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Do nature and beauty mix?

We’ve all seen the fish pedicures that are now ten a penny on most UK high streets. However, this sparked an interesting conversation today in the Natura office – what other wildlife is used in beauty treatments? We’ve had a bit of a look around – and reckon you’ll be surprised with our findings!


Snails are not just that pest ruining your vegetable garden. Their ‘snail serum’ is used in a variety of beauty products. The secretion used is what leaves the silver trails when they move, and is usually gathered from live snails – without them being harmed in the process. The powerful biological properties of this serum are used to relieve skin conditions such as acne, and can reduce wrinkles and improve dull complexions.


Okay, so this only uses a part of pigs – their trotters – but we thought it was worth a mention, even though it’s definitely not one for the squeamish eaters amongst us. Eating pigs’ trotters began as an anti-ageing fad in Japan, but has spread to New York. They are rich in collagen, which we all know is important in banishing wrinkles and ensuring smooth and supple skin. There are restaurants in Japan which specialise in this ‘collagen cuisine’, claiming long term effects for both your hair and your skin.


The bird poo facial – yes, you did read that right – again originated in Japan, but is now available in both New York and London. This facial mask is made of UV dried bird droppings, mixed with rice bran and water. There are claims it produces fresh and glowing skin… but this is one treatment that we might give a wide berth.

So, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, there are plenty of options. However, if you’re happy with a wild-life free beauty regime, there’s always Natura’s skin rejuvenating treatments and other procedures that can give you brilliant, natural results – whilst leaving the ‘nature’ out of the treatment room!

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