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Exercise and Rosacea

Exercise and Rosacea

“I love exercising, but it seems that with Rosacea I can’t avoid flare-ups and keep fit at the same time. What should I do?”

Just because you have Rosacea, doesn’t mean you should stop having an active lifestyle. A few little adjustments to the way you keep fit can make all the difference when it comes to managing Rosacea.

Here is a little list of ways to minimize Rosacea flare-ups. We aren’t saying that you should try and follow all the points below, but where you feel you can accommodate a few of these tips, it certainly won’t do you any harm..

Train more often, for shorter periods – This is a tough one for exercise junkies. The severity of flushes can be dramatically reduced by shorting the length of exercise sessions.

Exercise when it’s a little cooler – Early in the morning, or late in the evening is best.  Try and avoid training when the weather is too hot and exercise in the shade when possible.

Don’t train as hard – Okay… If you are going to the Olympics in 2012 then this may not be an option, but just bare in mind, if you are known for pushing yourself to the max, then this may well be triggering flare-ups.

Try to keep cool when exercising – Whether it’s spraying your face with cool water, or keeping a damp towel around your neck when exercising, keeping cool makes all the difference when it comes to avoiding flushes during exercise.

Swim, swim, swim – If you want to keep cool when exercising, then there is nothing better than swimming. Its also low impact, so you are keeping fit and looking after your joints.

Wear Suncream – Exposure to sunlight can cause Rosacea to flare up. Apply suncream thirty minutes before exercising will help you protect your skin. Also try and choose a suncream that doesn’t irritate your skin.

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Celebrity Skin for Spring

If you’re a Hollywood star, then looking flawless is the name of the game. However, with a few simple tips inspired by celebrity routines, us normal folk can keep our skin looking just as fabulous.

Ingredients for Success

Pay attention to the ingredients in your skincare products. Preservatives such as parabens are often found in products. Artificial fragrances and colourants can irritate skin, and sulfates can dry skin out. By trying to avoid these substances, you’ll be following the celebrity trend for going chemical free and natural.

Not Just the Face

Make sure to care for your neck, hands and chest as well as your face. These are areas that can age you if not taken care of properly. Skin in these areas needs attention as it’s thin and inelastic and doesn’t have many reparative oil glands – damage therefore happens more easily. Natura offers top treatment for a sagging jowl with its multi-layer skin rejuvenation, the best non-invasive treatment available.

Avoid the Sun

We all know the dangers of UV rays for our skin. Around 70% of premature skin ageing is due to sun exposure. Using an SPF foundation or moisturiser and making sure to apply sunscreen will help you to avoid leathery skin and will keep you looking fresh. Even during overcast days UVA rays can penetrate cloud, so even if the sun’s not out your sunscreen should be!

It’s All in the Preparation

Before applying foundation, make sure to prepare your skin. Applying makeup on top of dry skin only emphasises wrinkles and imperfections. Celebrities make sure to apply a gel based moisturiser or serum before foundation. This smooths out the skin, giving you a fuller and plumper complexion.


Celebrities are famous for being addicted to facial treatments. From face masks to chemical peels, they’re always up on the latest thing. Here at Natura we offer a range of facial treatments, from dermal fillers to laser dermabrasion and fractional co2 treatment. You can indulge your skin with a celebrity treatment, safe in the knowledge you’ll be left with a fresh and natural look.

Put a celebrity spring in your step for the new season – in the Natura office we’re feeling like Hollywood stars already!

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