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Am I allergic to red wine?

Red Wine Rosacea

They say a glass of red wine a day is actually good for you. (Probably not one of your five-a-day but good nonetheless.) But have you ever noticed that your face also goes red, even after just one glass? Perhaps you’ve even given up red wine altogether because of your ‘allergy’.

Well you needn’t give up red wine because it isn’t the wine that is causing your skin turn a shade of Merlot.

You may not be aware but the reason for this is that you may be developing Rosacea (also known as Facial telangiectasia or Facial Thread veins.)

As we get older the facial telangiectasia worsen. Unfortunately the more facial veins one has, the greater the vasodilatating effects of ambient heat and alcohol are. It is this vasodilation that not only causes embarrassment, but also if severe enough, can be quite unpleasant and sometimes even painful.

Natura Skin Clinic has been treating Rosacea patients for many years. Together with our experience and the most up to date medical lasers, we can treat even the most severe cases of Rosacea.  Giving you long lasting results after only two to three treatments you can be enjoying your Malbec again in just a few weeks!

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