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The look of Love

Hello February. The much awaited month and what delights do we have to look forward to in Feb? Well for starters we have Valentines Day and it is also a leap year which means, according to an old Irish tradition, women can propose to men. In centuries past throughout Europe, if the women were refused marriage, they were bought 12 pairs of gloves to hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring.

So, this month will be a month filled with lots of love, we hope. If you are treating the other half to a romantic get away or event, you could also treat yourself to a little pampering, brighten up those eyes and skin and let them remember the reasons they fell head over heels for you.

Refresh the skin with a dermabrasion treatment, this encourages the removal of dead skin cells and the fresh growth of new cells, this makes the skin glow from the inside out, it can also help to reduce fine lines.

Speaking of fine lines, all those years of smiling at your other half may have left a few tiny crows feet, although laughter lines should be adored, some can be minimised to leave a natural looking eye area.This not only targets the skin, but the treatment will make your eyes look brighter and bring back that sparkle and glint.

Want kissable lips again? You’ll find a range of treatments which will plump those little beauties up again. Removing any unwanted lines and giving them a natural finish.

Treating yourself is not only a great gift to yourself this February, but your other half will be wowed with how fresh your skin is and how youthful you look. It brings confidence back and makes you step out with your head held high.

It really is the time for the look of love.

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