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Too much testosterone

The team at Natura Skin Clinic are always looking at issues people have with their skin and bodies, in a race to help those people, eliminate their problems and promote great skin and confidence.

We’ve been recently talking about oily skin. Those who suffer excess oil in the T-zone on their faces and around their chest and back may do so because of the hormone, Testosterone.

Testosterone boosts the production of sebum from the glands in the skin, which results in oily skin. It isn’t something to be sniffed at, as oily skin tends to have less wrinkles than dry, but some find it quite debilitating.

If you are a female and have too much testosterone in your system, it can also boost the growth of hair on the face, neck and chest, this is really the last thing many females want.

What can we do about excess oil and hair growth?

Naturally you can make sure your diet is rich is foods that reduce testosterone, such as rice, Soya and peppermint tea.

If, however you have extreme cases of oil and hair growth, it is worth speaking to specialists who offer laser treatments to stop the growth of unwanted hair and skin treatments to clear the skin and pores, reducing the amount of oil on your skin.

Oily skin can be increased by hormones, so you may notice around the time of your period, your skin is particularly oily.

It can be quite frustrating, no one likes to have a very shiny face and if you are the height of hair fashion with a fringe, your hair can get quite greasy as well.

Our advice?

Look at your diet, look at the products you are using on your face (washes with white clay are good to reduce oilyness) and if that doesn’t work, head for Natura Skin Clinic, as we can offer a whole range of solutions.

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