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Belugas Have A Whale Of A Time Looking After Their Skin

It would seem that humans aren’t the only species with a penchant for skin dermabrasions.

Beluga whales are unique amongst the cetaceans because they shed their outer layer of skin. The whales gather in shallow water where there is coarse gravel and rub their bodies against the seabed. This rubbing action removes the top layer of their skin, revealing their fresh, healthy, new skin underneath. The beluga whale is a docile creature yet their journey is not an easy one. They travel thousands of miles facing dangerous predators such as orcas and sharks along the way. But luckily for us, the journey to Natura Skin Clinic isn’t quite as treacherous…

We offer the latest forms of Laser Dermabrasion, using cutting edge technology including the fractional CO2 and Erbium Yag.  Some dated treatments such as crystal dermabrasion or chemical peel seduce patients with words like ‘pampering’ but in reality these peels simply cannot compete with the results achieved by Natura’s sophisticated skin dermabrasions.

You can feel confident knowing that fully qualified doctors with years of experience carry out all our treatments.

Remember the skin is the body’s biggest organ so if you want to take your skin as serious as the beluga whales take theirs, book your dermabrasion at Natura Skin Clinic.

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