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Can counselling clear your skin

The team at Natura Skin clinic are always on the look out for incredible news and interesting stories. Today in the news we found a brilliant and heart warming story about a woman who suffered from debilitating psoriasis. She has suffered for years, covering her body from head to toe with an array of medications and always opted for full coverage, when it came to clothing.

Finally after years of stress and worry, she was referred to a counsellor and during sessions realised her whole life revolved around her skin.

After a few sessions of talking, thinking about her life and putting things into perspective she noticed her stress levels had calmed incredibly. By the end of her first year of therapy, the psoriasis on her body had halved.

Psychodermatology is the process of treating skin conditions with counselling. Therapists tend to treat patients using antibiotics and a course of Therapy. It enables sufferers to calm down, put their lives in order and learn how to relax and deal with stressful situations.

Many complaints can be directly connected to stress. It is incredible what the brain can do to a body and to the skin through the nervous system. They are intrinsically linked. When we are scared, we break out in a cold sweat, when we’re embarrassed, we blush.

Stress triggers hormones in the body such as testosterone. This increases the production of sebum from our glands and can contribute to acne. They key is to relieve those stressful thoughts and situations, then try and gain some of the feel good endorphins, these can be made by exercise and laughter.

Psychodermatology is a great way to treat conditions, but if all else fails what other options are there?

The answer is many and they are affordable, in fact you will find treatments in your local area. If you are suffering skin conditions, think about your stress levels and try to relax.

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