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    Too much testosterone

    31st January 2012

    The team at Natura Skin Clinic are always looking at issues people have with their skin and bodies, in a race to help those people, eliminate their problems and promote great skin and confidence.
    We’ve been recently talking about oily skin.

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  • tight-stomach

    Rise in male tummy tucks.

    30th January 2012

    In the news today it has been reported that there has been a dramatic rise in the amount of men having tummy tuck surgery.

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  • Beluga whales and skin peels

    Belugas Have A Whale Of A Time Looking After Their Skin

    29th January 2012

    It would seem that humans aren’t the only species with a penchant for skin dermabrasions.
    Beluga whales are unique amongst the cetaceans because they shed their outer layer of skin.

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  • lips

    The perfect pout

    27th January 2012

    Collagen is a natural product in the body that gives our skin the youthful appearance that we all crave, but as we age our body’s collagen production begins to slow down.

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  • fresh

    Give yourself a New Years boost

    26th January 2012

    January is known for being a somewhat miserable month, but as well as affecting your mood the chill winds and freezing temperatures could easily be taking its toll on your skin as well—environmental damage can be a major cause of premature skin agi

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  • counselling

    Can counselling clear your skin

    25th January 2012

    The team at Natura Skin clinic are always on the look out for incredible news and interesting stories. Today in the news we found a brilliant and heart warming story about a woman who suffered from debilitating psoriasis.

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    A spot of bother

    24th January 2012

    At any point in our lives, we could suffer from an outbreak of spots. This could be due to hormones, to our diets, to stress or a reaction to something we have used on our face.

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  • gordon-ramsay

    Not just for the Ladies

    23rd January 2012

    In the news today, there are reports of an increase in Men seeking a more youthful complexion and tackling lines and scars with the use of non invasive treatments and cosmetic surgery.

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  • Acne-Scar-Treatment

    Scar Conscious

    20th January 2012

    Some of us may have travelled through life without an accident or anything to leave a scar on our skin… those are the lucky ones.

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    A trip to India

    19th January 2012

    In this weeks news, it has been highlighted that millions of people flock to India for cosmetic surgery.
    A group of Ugandan women were interviewed as they took a month long tour of the country, to undergo an incredible transformation.

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