• Prp For Hair Loss

    A Guide to PRP For Hair Loss

    A degree of hair loss is normal for many people to experience each day, but an excessive amount of hair loss is a major concern…

  • Blood-Sucking-Facial-Rejuvenation-mdn

    The Versatility Of Platelet Rich Plasma

    Platelet Rich Plasma, or the Vampire Facelift as it is often referred to,utilises growth factors contained in the platelets in your blood, they are then…

  • victoria hands

    Treatments For Ageing Hands

    Quite often as we get older, we concentrate most of our anti-ageing focus on the face. But look at anyone’s hands and you can usually gauge…

  • neck rejuvenation

    SmartXide & Platelet Rich Plasma For Neck Rejuvenation

    Platelet Rich Plasma uses your own blood to improve skin & when used with SmartXide CO2 laser, can effectively rejuvenate wrinkled, ageing skin on the neck


Platelet Rich Plasma For Hair Loss

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